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Wheatley GASO Pump Parts Supplier, World Wide Pump Solutions!

We are here to serve you with fast customer service and quick turn around time for your plunger and piston pumps, pump parts, and technical information needs. It doesn’t matter if you need parts for an obsolete, out of production pump or a quote for a brand new one. We put your needs first and will always answer your inquiries with a quick and courteous response. It matters to us if your pumping equipment is on line or not. If you are looking for a new, remanufactured or used GASO or Wheatley pump, or complete assembly, we can help you! We want to serve you like you deserve!

IEQ Industries is a Michigan Corporation in the United States of America established in 1989. The company was founded primarily as a service and supply oriented business to the high pressure water blasting, pipe cleaning, and the newly emerging “trenchless” industries. All of these industries are using multi-plex pumps in various applications as well as high pressure tools and accessories.

On our website we state that our purpose is for “Providing logistical support for Wheatley and GASO pump owners”. This means that if a GASO or Wheatley pump owner calls us with a problem or needs parts or service, we will do the planning implementation and coordination of all of the details of the operation required to deliver them. We understand the importance of having a single source for information, parts, and service support.

While we prefer to sell original equipment replacement parts, sometimes that is not possible. Sometimes high quality aftermarket replacement parts are the only solution to a pressing problem. In any case, we will do whatever it takes to solve the problem.

Former Secretary of State, George Schultz stated: “Information is the currency of the future.” Like Secretary Schultz, we believe that in order to succeed in the future economy, the free exchange of quality information must be part of our business plan. Using his premise for our niche markets, our goals were simple: (1) We wanted to provide the best possible service, parts and accessories to our customers. And (2) to build our customer base by providing the most comprehensive product information and knowledge base for free to these industries. I.e. White Papers, Product Brochures, Operator Manuals, Parts Manuals and personal consulting. We felt that if we could provide our potential customers with the expert information they needed concerning products they were either already using or thinking of using, they would eventually become customers in fact.

With the advent of the internet, we decided to go “online” with our company and vision and set up a clearinghouse for information. We were fortunate to enough to secure the domains “”, “”, “” and “”. Each of these representing a a small market segment that we knew about and felt we could support with expert information, quality parts, and fast professional service. We have grown dramatically because of the soundness of our business plan and the rapid expansion of the internet.

IEQ Industries is not the manufacturer of Wheatley or GASO pumps or any OEM or aftermarket pump parts. We do not want to represent or even give the appearance that we are Wheatley Pump, GASO Pump or Wheatley/GASO Inc. In owning the domains and using them as we do, it is our intention to support end users of these products by providing easy access to information via the internet and parts and services support where they are not otherwise available.

We try not to be involved in competitive OEM bidding situations or where a territorial representative distributor may be established. We do not sell OEM equipment to third party vendors that we know or believe may be competing with a local authorized representative of Wheatley, GASO, or National Oilwell Varco brands.

IEQ Industries is a reseller of new, remanufactured and used Wheatley and GASO pumps, and OEM parts, as well as high quality quality replacement parts. IEQ Industries is not owned operated or affiliated with Wheatley Pump, GASO Pump, Wheatley/GASO pumps or National Oilwell Varco. Wheatley, GASO, and Wheatley/GASO are all brand names owned entirely by National Oilwell Varco.

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